You can get younger looking skin through pomegranate skin care products. But how? What is it about this fruit in particular that makes it such a powerful ally in the fight against the wear and tear we put our skin through on a daily basis?

Once we take a good look at the benefits of the fruit itself, we’ll have a good idea why it has maintained its super food status.

The pomegranate is a wonder fruit that has been re-recognized as an anti-aging “must have.” In areas of the world where this fruit flourishes, it’s been revered for its botanical properties for thousands of years.

Relatively speaking, the rest of the world has just begun to catch up with the middle east and parts of Asia concerning the benefits of this fruit. We can eat it, drink it, and wear it, yet no matter how it’s consumed, there is no lack of physical benefit.


Hydrates, Tightens, and Rebalances the Skin


Much like what we can find with carrot oil, pomegranates harbor antioxidants. What these do, is arrest and neutralize free radicals, that when left alone, cause damage to the skin over time.

These antioxidants fight acne, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, inflammation- aids in tissue repair along with the healing of wounds. Using pomegranate topically is known to have a reversing effect on eczema and psoriasis.

This fruit is also considered to harbor other properties that aid in cellular regeneration, preventing skin from becoming wrinkled, and also prevents sagginess that comes with age.

Pomegranate oil is also helpful to assists the skin’s ability to protect itself from the damaging effects of the sun.

Pomegranates are also Rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is necessary to produce as well as maintain collagen, which is the main structural protein found in skin. Important? Absolutely!

Applied to the skin daily or as needed, pomegranate oil and juice will tighten, rebalance, and hydrate our skin. When our skin is well hydrated, we increase and repair the skin’s elasticity to maintain a vibrant, more youthful appearance.


Pomegranate Hand Cream


There is a pomegranate hand cream available at Arya Laya, that will provide the said benefits above, and leave your skin glistening! It is formulated with a combination of pomegranate juice and oil, shea butter, almond and grapeseed oils.

Combined, you wind up with a product that will cause your skin to be every bit as vibrant as it should be, and will grant further protection against up and coming threats to the skin- such as the sun as well as aging.

Just squirt a little in your hand and rub it into the areas you wish to apply, and it will dissolve into your skin quickly.

This isn’t a run of the mill beauty product, but is rather a skin care product that won’t only give you the appearance of having great, healthy skin, but will protect and promote true healthy skin. Why only “look like” having healthy skin when you can “have” healthy skin?