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  • Sensitive - Azulene Day Care

    Your skin reacts particularly quickly and intensively to stress and environmental pressures with redness and a feeling of tightness. ARYA-LAYA has developed the E + T concept for this skin...
  • Sensitive Night Cream - Night Balm

    The Fluid contains skin-related lipids, such as triglycerides, squalene, ceramides, phospholipids, phytosteroles, which occur naturally in the skin. As a result of its almost identical structure to skin, it repairs...
  • Sensitive - Clarifying Blossom Toner

    Clarifying Blossom Lotion is the gentle way to complement the ever-important cleansing of sensitive and dry skin. It strengthens and stimulates the skin's own resources and moisture content.
  • Sensitive - Almond Cleansing Cream - Make-Up Remover

    Thorough facial cleansing is essential for a glowing complexion. This should never be ignored, whether in the morning or at night, whether made-up or not. It clears the skin of...
  • Sensitive Eye Cream

    Is a rich cream based on a DMS system and the Sensitive Care Complex. 
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