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  • Argan Day & Night Care - Demanding and Dry skin

    A wonderful rich face cream. Ideal for Demanding and Dry skin. The valuable vegetable oils- by the contained, unsaturated fatty acids - nourishing and protective care. Organic Jojobaoil, organic Shea...
  • Lavender Day & Night Care

    The cream is particularly skin-friendly and suitable for all skin types. An extract of lavender blossoms and fragrant lavender oil soothes the skin and has a smoothing effect. Organic shea...
  • Cell Protect Day & Night Care

    Cell Protect Day & Night Cream is a particularly light cream with a special cell protection complex consisting of astaxanthin, lycopene and vitamin E three highly effective radical.
  • Neck & Décolleté Cream - Moisturizer

    The delicate skin of the throat and décolletage is intensively treated with an innovative active complex of Korean ginseng, rock-rose and amino acids: the skin cells are activated and re-energized,...
  • Exclusive Repair Night Cream - Regenerating & Revitalizing Mature Skin

    Regenerates and revitalizes mature skin With a highly-active "Skin Repair Bio" complex that strengthens the tissue and repairs the skin’s barrier layer during the night. Precious plant oils such as...
  • Cleanser - Mature & Sensitive Skin Cleanser

    Soothing cream gel. Deep pore cleansing and intensive care for mature and sensitive skin with especially mild saccharoidal surfactants and lubricating meadowfoam oil. It removes make-up and dirt particles and...
  • Regeneration Day Cream

    Intensive regenerating daily protection This delicate cream is a highly-effective provider of energy for more demanding skin.
  • Almond Cleansing Cream - Sensitive Skin Make-Up Remover

    Thorough facial cleansing is essential for a glowing complexion. This should never be ignored, whether morning or night, whether made-up or not. It clears the skin of impurities that prevent...
  • Aloe Vera Moisturizing Serum

    The gel of the aloe vera plant has been and still is mainly used for the natural care of wounds, insect bites, burns and sunburn. This is due to its...
  • Serum - Mature Skin Treatment

    It improves the firmness, elasticity and smoothness of the skin. Applied after cleansing, this high-performance serum specifically remodels the skin from within. The collagen network is strengthened and reorganised by...
  • Regeneration Night Cream

    Intensive regenerating skincare This gentle cream nourishes your skin overnight with its precious plant oils and rich cocoa butter, leaving it soft and smooth.
  • Spot Stop - Acne Treatment

    Deal with those annoying spots. This combination of tea tree oil, oil of orange and oil of lemon works as an antiseptic, cleanser and astringent. Panthenol (provitamin B5), extracts of...
  • Aqua Derma - Moisturizing Cream

    A revitalizing and moisturizing cream; an everyday skin care for intensive and long-lasting moisturizing, it promotes cell regeneration and corrects the balance of lipids. This Cream is also a perfect...
  • Clarifying Blossom Toner - Sensitive Toner

    Clarifying Blossom Lotion is the gentle way to complement the ever-important cleansing of sensitive and dry skin. It strengthens and stimulates the skin's own resources and moisture content.
  • Aloe Vera Moisturizing Care

    This light and refreshing moisturizer relaxes and soothes the tissue and compensates for moisture loss as needed. It helps the cells to optimize the water balance and improves the appearance...
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