Sea Buckthorn Orange Body Oil

Sea Buckthorn Orange Body Oil
Sea Buckthorn Orange Body Oil
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Treat your skin and senses with the costly, reddish-gold sallow thorn oil and the scent of sun-ripened oranges and mandarins - the scent of the south. Like a warm summer day, ARYA LAYA Sea Buckthorn Orange body oil provides you with harmonious wellbeing and new vitality for the skin.

Essential fatty acids, carotinoids and natural vitamins penetrate rapidly into the skin, intensively regenerating tired, slack tissues. Your skin gains new vitality, appearing visibly invigorated and appreciably smoother. A massage with the ARYA LAYA Sea Buckthorn Orange body oil gives your skin moisturising care composed of costly natural treasures. 
Application options:
  • As a beautifully scented body oil after showering, bathing or the sauna.
  • For moisturising particularly dry, lipid-deficient skin.
  • In winter, when skin itches and tightens due to dry heated air.
  • Vitalising massage - muscle tension is eased, you are totally relaxed, with a feeling of new wellbeing.
  • For prevention of wrinkle formation.
  • For prevention of cellulite and connective tissue weakness.
  • Effective against muscle ache and tension after sport and hiking.
  • Ingredients:
  • Sallow thorn oil is obtained from the fruit of the sallow thorn berries. This powerful orange-red oil contains pro-vitamin A, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, phytosterols and trace elements with high bio-availability. This makes sallow thorn oil extremely valuable for cosmetics. Sallow thorn oil is also used for medicinal purposes - especially for burns - in eastern countries, particularly in Russia. This oil is therefore also of particular interest in the cosmetics industry as an After-Sun product.
  • Costly, extra-virgin oils such as almond, olive, grape seed and cuckoo flower oils from the first pressing moisturise the skin, leaving it silkily smooth and wonderfully fresh. The oils penetrate very easily into the skin without leaving an uncomfortable fat film.
  • Essential oils - a sunny-fresh composition, like a basket full of oranges and mandarins with a touch of bergamot and grapefruit, give this body oil a fruity freshness.
  • Vitamin E acts as a radical catcher, protecting the valuable plant oils against oxidation.
  • ARYA LAYA body oils consist of selected, carefully prepared natural substances and are free of synthetic perfumes, colours, preservatives, PEG's and parabenes. 
  • A very special way to care for your skin. 
Application recommendation:
  • Massage into still slightly moist skin after every application of water (bath, shower, sauna).
  • Previous dry-brushing increases the healthy effect.
  • To promote blood circulation and the lymphatic system, always massage in circular movements towards the heart.
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Works Great!
I must say that I have not found any skincare line that works as well as Arya Laya.

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