Night Balm - Sensitive Night Cream

Night Balm - Sensitive Night Cream
Night Balm - Sensitive Night Cream
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The Fluid contains skin-related lipids, such as triglycerides, squalene, ceramides, phospholipids, phytosteroles, which occur naturally in the skin. As a result of its almost identical structure to skin, it repairs the damage to the skin's protective layer, thereby guarding against trans-epidermal water loss.

"Repair Mechanism" 
The skin is cared for by supplementary almond and olive oil. Glycyrrhizinic acid prevents further irritation by means of its anti-allergenic impact and inflammation control. 
Malachite extract: Due to its special formulation and high copper content, malachite is eminently suited to protecting cells from oxidative stress, hence this cream is recommended for those who are exposed to negative radiation, such as radiation emitted by electronic equipment, computers and televisions or solar radiation. It's a self-contained stress filter which throws a protective mantle around our skin cells, thus preserving the healthy and youthful radiance of the skin. 
This lotion is perfumed with essential oils and preserved with alcohol.

Massage in gently with circular movements morning and evening. 
30ml Dispenser

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Works Great!
I must say that I have not found any skincare line that works as well as Arya Laya.

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