Tea Tree Balm - Acne & Oily Mask

Tea Tree Balm - Acne & Oily Mask
Tea Tree Balm - Acne & Oily Mask
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Tea Tree Balm helps with many skin problems such as rough, cracked skin, itching, slight grazing, spots and the like. Its balanced formula of tea tree oil, pro-vitamin B5, allantoin, camomile extract, carrot oil and zinc oxide builds up tissue, eases inflammation and disinfects.

Applied as a cream or mask, Tea Tree 8alm helps to eliminate skin impurities and blemishes, while it soothes rough, irritated skin.
1- As a face pack once or twice a week. Apply liberally after cleansing and massage gently.Leave for30 minutes then remove excess with a paper towel or rinse with lukewarm water.Finish with a cream suitable for your skin type (e.g. clear skin Active Fluid or Witch Hazel Day & Night cream).
2- Apply to inflammations, wounds, bites or spots and allow a longer period of time for it to take effect(e.g. overnight).
20ml Jar

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Works Great!
I must say that I have not found any skincare line that works as well as Arya Laya.

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