Pomegranate Serum

Pomegranate Serum
Pomegranate Serum
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Instantly smoothing The luxurious Pomegranate Serum plumps out wrinkles with moisture from within, instantly smoothing the skin.

 Instantly smoothing
The luxurious Pomegranate Serum plumps out wrinkles with moisture from within, instantly smoothing the skin. The anti-oxidation ingredients of pomegranate regenerate the tissues and promote collagen building to produce an intensive anti-aging effect. Hyaluron Gel delivers intensive and long-lasting hydration. The skin is perceptibly invigorated and refreshed; pores appear finer and more even. A freshness boost for the skin with the guarantee of a healthy glow.
With antioxidant cell protection for an intensive anti-aging effect.
The product is clinically tested for skin tolerance and dermatological certified.
Potential applications:
For every skin type and every age group - can even be used by those with sensitive skin.
Especially for those with dry lines and wrinkles but also for deeper wrinkles. Especially helpful for lines on the top lip and around the eyes.
A must for smokers and sunbed users.
Extra moisture for dry and tight skin.
Refines the complexion of those with open pores or combination skin.
For coupe-rose skin.
Active ingredients:
Pomegranate juice extract firms the skin - with anti-aging action. Regenerates sun-damaged skin and protects against premature aging due to UV radiation - DNA protection. It has a vase-constrictive effect upon surface blood vessels (such as spider veins and coupe-rose). It provides vitamin C to repair and support the collagen structure.
Rocket extract: Stimulates the production of endogenous glutathione. Glutathione protects against free radicals, improves the oxygen supply, strengthens the immune system and detoxifies the body.
Rocket extract protects the skin from harmful environmental impacts – anti-aging effect.
Moisturizing complex: A natural active complex instantly reduces wrinkles and diminishes pores, giving a smooth and even complexion. This effect is achieved by Moisture Trap™ Technology, which locks moisture into the skin for many hours (up to 24 hours).
The moisturizing complex contains:
Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) hydrates the top layer of skin.

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Works Great!
I must say that I have not found any skincare line that works as well as Arya Laya.

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